Akatsuki Giken – Haha Musume Mesubutaka Keikaku

Commissioned Release #34
Commissioned & Edited by: Ryoma

Props to Ryoma for attempting this one. The whole thing was nothing but text written over the background, so I’m sure it was very difficult to edit. The results are not the prettiest, but you gotta give credit to the man for trying his best.

The scenario here involves a dirty old man teaching a little girl how to swim, which he uses as the perfect opportunity to corrupt and make the mother and daughter into his sex slaves.

A media fire link is here:


14 Responses to Akatsuki Giken – Haha Musume Mesubutaka Keikaku

  1. Anonymous says:

    My god, even though the art for this is so off, I fapped myself fucking dry over this when I first saw it (raw).
    I’m pretty ecstatic that I can find out how generic and/or bad the dialog is, heh.

    Thanks for the release.

  2. Danny says:

    NIIIICE! I have been looking years for a translated version of “Akatsuki Giken’s” work! This is great!

  3. Scheublone says:

    cool release keep the good work up ^^ its just awesome

  4. Jack says:

    Nice art, great translation, good job overall.

  5. Danny says:

    Could you translate some more of “Akatsuki Giken’s” fantastic creations? Pleeeeease! It’s a bunch of them out there.

    • brolen says:

      A few other works of Akatsuki Giken were commissioned and translated for Ryoma, but I don’t think he edited these. The edits are very laborious, difficult, and time consuming because almost all of the text is written directly over the background, so please understand.

  6. Rageboy says:

    My god! you guys should post MORE translated akatsuki Giken works.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. hansel says:

    i would love more of akatsuki giken’s wonderful erotic art pieces to be translated, especially mama dokusobe or in niku juku haha! those are so great!

  8. Danny says:

    Anything would be great! Everything is packed full of hands grabbing those huge women-asses and letting the fingers sink deep into the soft flesh!

  9. Brofist says:

    Finally Akatsuki Giken translated? Thanks, you guys rock.

  10. desmond says:

    Finally akatsuki giken! Thank you

  11. Wissenchaftslehre says:

    Must learn Japanese for this one. LOL

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