Takashi Nakagami – Harumi

Commissioned Release #29
Commissioned by Usul

This story is the first of two contained in
Manatsu no Gyakutengeki.
In accordance with Usul’s wishes, the original Japanese names and titles were changed to the ones used in the English version of Gyakuten Saiban, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney.
The story itself involves Mia / Chihiro using Harumi/ Pearl’s body to have sex with Nick/Naruhodo, during which point she loses control and the young girl regains consciousness, leading to her directly having relations with Nick herself.

It’s actually based on a theme from the game. In the game, Mia, Phoenix’s former mentor, comes into bodies of the other still living girls in her family to drop hints to phoenix, so this is twisted based on that.



2 Responses to Takashi Nakagami – Harumi

  1. YamiBoy says:

    Strange, by I like the style. Thanks a lot!!

  2. Shake says:

    oh shit, someone translated this?


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