Ryoma Edits

These are five that were Commissioned and Edited by Ryoma.
He gave me permission to put it up on the blog.

*UPDATE* 2009/5/07
Added Married Woman’s Wonderful Classroom
(okusama suteki na kyoushitsu)

The first is:

Angel’s Stroke 19 Elf Shibori by Kutani

It’s a Zero no Tsukaima doujin about how Saito gets busted when
Louise finds a journal he kept that detailed his sexploits with the other female characters.



The second is:
Fallen Pregnant Wife by Takeshi Iwai

This one is about a pregnant woman who’s fooling around with the manager of her apartment while her husband is away on a long business trip.
Contains minor scat content.



The third is Fallen Pregnant Wife 2.
Minor BDSM elements.



The fourth is Fallen Pregnant Wife 3,
this one involves the manager and his friends, as well as Tomoko’s husband’s Black subordinate.



The Fifth Is Married Woman’s
Wonderful Classroom. As you might surmise from the title, it involves neglected middle aged wives bangin’ the teen boys in their English conversation class.



10 Responses to Ryoma Edits

  1. James says:

    thanks for this, they look interesting 😀 keep up the good work

  2. Leto says:

    Fallen Pregnant Wife has a lot of scat in it.

    I think that would be worth noting. Not everyone is into that.

  3. Leg-end says:

    This is a series and there are 2 other books as far as I know

  4. Jorgensen says:

    Thank you very much! And I’ll wait for the final chapter.

  5. Fayt says:

    Hey the mediafire link is not working 😦

  6. Fayt says:

    Never mind its working now

  7. neo devil says:


    you said they are 2 other books, can you give us the links for them???

  8. khancerberos says:

    hi congratulations for your site,I have a question is the same author for all this doujin

    or say me who is the author for The Fifth Is Married Woman’s thanks

  9. brolen says:

    I’m actually not sure about that, I don’t think the pages given to me revealed the author.

  10. lordhell says:

    if i’m not wrong the artist of Married Woman’s
    Wonderful Classroom is ‘Sink’

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