Shintaro Kago – An Inquiry…

Commissioned Release #19
Commissioned by Gurotaku

The full title is “An Inquiry Concerning a Mechanistic World View of the Pituitary Gland”
This is a short comic by Kago that portrays a dystopian future where human beings are mostly mostly manufactured instead of born, except for in ghettos where they are mostly abandoned at birth. The story starts with a woman complaining to her doctor/ therapist that her husband won’t have sex with her and then it goes off on a tangent explaining what happened to her husband and how it came to pass. Involves a car accident that set lose a dangerous breed of genetically engineered hyper-intelligent killer babies.


One Response to Shintaro Kago – An Inquiry…

  1. Jack_T says:

    genetically engineered hyper-intelligent killer babies! thats sounds so damn ridiculous that its awesome.

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