Kazuhiko Shimamoto – Kamen Rider ZO

Commissioned Release # 22
Commissioned by dxint

This one actually consists of three different stories.
Kamen Rider Black Part X, Kamen Rider ZO, and Osamu Tenka Story.

Kamen Rider ZO itself is a comic adaptation of the film of the same title. It involves Kamen Rider battling the “Perfect” life-form Dras and trying to protect a kid named Hiroshi who Dras keeps trying to kidnap. Eventually Kamen Rider triumphs and saves the day and proves that Dras was less than perfect.

Osamu Tenka story is about an up and coming mangaka. He tries to get his work published by “joke-gakkan”. But the editor turns his work down and instead sends him to become the assistant of Kamen Rider creator Shotaro Ishinomori to learn the ins and outs of being a mangaka.


4 Responses to Kazuhiko Shimamoto – Kamen Rider ZO

  1. Ominae says:

    Big fan of the series and I’ve read it. Thanks.

  2. anonymous says:

    link down. reupload

  3. say says:

    plizzz reupload

  4. brolen says:

    That’s too bad. I don’t have another link ><
    I hope somebody else can post another link.

    Well, it’s not a dl link but at least u can read it here:


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