Junji Ito – Hellstar Remina Chapter 1

Commissioned Release #18
Commissioned by: Gurotaku

This is a horror/sci-fi story about a giant planet consuming creature from another dimension that a scientist discovers and mistakenly identifies as a planet. Being given the honor to name it as its discover, the professor chooses to name it after his only daughter, Remina, but when Hellstar Remina is headed on a direct collision course with Earth the world goes nuts and all the people in the city start a witch hunt to kill Remina, thinking she is somehow to blame.


10 Responses to Junji Ito – Hellstar Remina Chapter 1

  1. Ah!!… another manga of Junji Ito, please Finish it… i want to read this Amazing manga… be careful and see later….

  2. brolen says:

    This one is a donor project atm, but haven’t heard from anyone. Unlikely that it will be finished at this point.

  3. Manx says:

    Great job! I love horror stories.

    Please continue translating it, man. There are far too few of Ito Junji’s excelle works out there.nt

  4. Milkman Dan says:

    I had no idea it was a donor project until I came across this blog. I read the scanlation without knowing who had done it. Chilling story, and it gets really, really weird from what I’ve seen of the rest of the manga.

  5. interesting.... says:

    any chance at all of this one getting translated?

  6. brolen says:

    SlayerJr is thinking about doing this one, possibly.
    But it won’t be until he’s done with Oyaji, at the least if ever.

  7. Demut says:

    Give me the translation and I’d be gladly scanlating this. I already have the raws.

  8. WeX says:

    What’s the status on the rest of this series? Has anyone taken it up?

  9. brolen says:

    That, I do not know.
    SlayerJR was interesting in commissioning the rest of this a long time ago, but as far as I know, he never finished Oyaji Volume 3, and I haven’t heard back from him in ages.

  10. Sauyadav says:

    It is completed translated. Check mangaupdates for more information : http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=6385

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