Daiakuta – Southern Cross / Yuka Nikki

Commissioned Release #21
Commissioned by lolpenis

These are doujinshi based on Minami-ke.
Only part of Southern Cross is featured because these are the only parts that were of interest to the commissioner.
Southern Cross involves high school girls being raped and trained as whores because they are forced to earn money to pay back their father’s debt, and then goes own to introduce Yuka.

Yuka Nikki is about a loli that becomes obsessed with the money and pleasure of enjo kousai. It’s told first person from her perspective written like a journal, and involves a gang bang.


8 Responses to Daiakuta – Southern Cross / Yuka Nikki

  1. Tsurepettan Loev says:

    I’m surprised no one commented on this release yet, awesome work. Love seeing this sort of doujin translated. Cheers to you and lolpenis =)

  2. Haborym says:

    Okay, I’m extremely confused. Why is the intro for Yuka Nikki tacked onto the end of Southern Cross?

  3. brolen says:

    That’s just the way Southern Cross was written. It shows a lot of characters from the Minami-ke series. I think there were other characters in the beginning as well, but they are not loli so that part wasn’t commissioned.

  4. Konoka says:

    i’m sorry but the link is dead.
    can you re-upload this one please?


  5. brolen says:

    I can do the next best thing.
    Here’s a g.e-hentai link
    for yuka nikki
    and southern cross

  6. thanks dude^ says:

    thank you soo much!!!!^

  7. Thor_21 says:

    Chiaki and Touma are not high school girls and Yuka Nikki is about Yuka Uchida which is a Minami-ke character so i don’t see a reason why that story isn’t suppose to be there

  8. Anona says:

    For the file downloads, Google:

    “[GREAT Akuta] Southern Cross! (Minami-ke) [ENG]”
    “[GREAT Akuta] Yuka Nikki (Minami-ke) [ENG]”

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