Uziga Waita – Game Over (select chapters)

Commissioned Release #15
Commissioned by Gurotaku

This is a collection of certain chapters from Game Over that were untranslated.
It is very extreme, and includes cannibalism, rape, and excessive violence.

Get it here: download

2 Responses to Uziga Waita – Game Over (select chapters)

  1. 2Hip says:

    Thank you for your great translations. Your doing gods work…. to coin a phrase. Bringing these great mangas & doujins to life (comprehen) for us.

    I assume it was the commissioners (gurotaku) intent, to have finally seen this great Waita Uziga manga, fully translated. But last night, when i combined the previously translated tales, with these wonderful new ones. To create this full translated copy. I noticed that who ever translated “Jingle Bells”. Skipped 2 pages, which are contained within the whole raw manga (pages 172 & 173)(original manga page sequence, not scanners page sequence).

    Here’s the copy i created. Which includes these 2 pages marked as “untranslated”.

    53.87mb zip

    So i guess my question is… Gurotaku. If you are reading this. May you have in your copy of Jingle Bells, these 2 missing pages translated? Where as in all available copies i can find around the free web, is missing them. And would you be willing to share them? If you also don’t have them. Would you consider commissioning Brolen to translate?

    Thank you,

  2. hentaisama says:

    its my first time reading a guro hmanga…

    i was shivering when all the woman torn apart >.<"

    guess im not into guro but good work translating them! šŸ™‚

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