Rakujin – Prison Battleship

Commissioned Release #12
Commissioned by Ryoma

This is a short manga about a guy on a space ship who brain washes and rapes two of his superior officers from an opposing faction.

Mediafire: download

4 Responses to Rakujin – Prison Battleship

  1. JukanX says:

    Thanks for translating it, and to Ryoma for allowing it to be shared.

    Since this particular Mediafire server (#360) is acting up, could you upload somewhere else? TIA…

  2. Kouchou says:

    It’s based on a H-game by Anime Lilith actually, it’s called: Kangoku Senkan.

    And the guy doing the brain washing and initial raping is actually the captain of the ship. The other officers are people he’s supposed to transport, but they belong to an enemy faction, hence his actions.

  3. brolen says:

    The direct translation of kangoku senkan is “Prison Battleship”.

    kangoku = prison senkan = a war ship, battleship.

    I took the liberty to translate the title since it’s direct translation is so effortless.
    It is indeed his ship, and they are from a rival political faction, but they are his superiors.

  4. Kouchou says:

    Guess I learned something new. 🙂 Thanks.

    And my comments were based on the synopsis of the game that I managed to find. It said nothing about them being his superiors, and merely that he and his crew were supposed to transport these women belonging to the enemy faction to Earth, and that he subsequently uses the opportunity to turn them into sex slaves for the greater glory of his own faction. *shrugs*

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