Mosquito – Yankee Wife Akemi

Commissioned Release #6

Commissioned by : Ryoma

This one is highly amusing, if a little gross. It’s about this ugly guy Hama who’s banging this other guy Taro’s wife. The whole thing happens while he’s on his way from work, by the time he gets home, Hama has broken his wife and made her pledge to leave her husband and be his sex slave. All this on the day of their wedding anniversary no less!

Mediafire: download

17 Responses to Mosquito – Yankee Wife Akemi

  1. xKaidoh says:

    is there more to this story afterwards?

  2. brolen says:

    I’m not sure if there is a continuation or not, but there is a prequel for sure. Also, the writer states in the postscript that he is thinking about doing a continuation and maybe adding a new character.

  3. Faxia says:

    do guys have the prequel?

  4. Inab says:

    Browsing around, I found this link the full title is Akemi, The Wild Wife. I don’t know if its a prequel or a sequel. Interested in doing this, Brolen?

  5. Inab says:

    Oh yeah, the password for that file is ‘shion’. I got the link from Nihonomaru forum.

  6. solid says:

    I hope the prequel will also get translate.

    Is it or not?

    Plz reply.

  7. brolen says:

    No plans to do so as of now.

  8. Bankas says:

    This this guy have a site?

  9. dryden says:

    Hope u can do the prequel. This manga is darn hot

  10. slicerness says:

    ooooook this is great but where do i read it!!! i don’y download stuff and i can’t find a translated version

  11. brolen says:

    Click the link and download the rar. Unrar it to a folder and view the images. If you are talking about the prequel, that one is untranslated.

  12. eastwickidwhiz says:

    Where can i find a copy of the original prequel i dont care if it is not translated i just want a copy for myself cause all of the other links were removed by the sites

  13. eastwickidwhiz says:

    Hey if you can please send a copy of the prequel to this email thanx

  14. Sapphire707 says:

    It was a very good story but i’d love to see the next part when and if its ever created. Love to see her husband step up and toss that fuck out the window

  15. xbabex says:

    nice one..hope we get a next part

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