Kira Hiroyoshi- Beware of Wakana-sensei!

Commissioned Release #7

Commissioned by: Alphalock

This is the entire Volume of Wakana-sensei ni ki wo tsukero! which can be roughly translated to Beware of Wakana-sensei! The whole thing is school themed, it’s about this teacher who’s a total slut, and all the students she corrupts. The fourth and fifth chapters are very much worth reading, this girl who was talking back in class gets totally owned!

*UPDATE: Apparently page 102 was missing. I have added it to this post.


8 Responses to Kira Hiroyoshi- Beware of Wakana-sensei!

  1. Bock says:

    Very nice, thank you both. One of my favorite artists.

    Brolen, you should put your stuff on

  2. 2Hip says:

    Great work on the translation, Brolen. Its looks excellent!! And of course a big thanks to Alphalock, for picking it for commissioning. But one small problem. Page Wakana_102 is missing from the rar. (its page 105 in original manga numbering order) Thanks again guys !!


  3. Kouchou says:

    Just so you know page 102 seems to be missing. It’s the scene where the student and female teacher are going at it in the ladies’ room of the train station.

    It’s inbetween the panel where a girl with glasses sits down in the next stall, and where’s she’s suddenly gone and the guy discovers he likes sex in public places, where he can be caught going at it.

  4. brolen says:

    Thanks for pointing that out, I will upload page 102 my batch program must have missed the conversion for that file for some reason.

  5. TheWho says:

    AWSOME! Hope to see more mature translated manga! Keep up the good work 😉

  6. dffd says:

    I’ve noticed you’ve removed the last 7(?) pages of the scan (those without story, just advertising). Please don’t remove them next time. I like to have them in the whole volume (for completeness sake).

  7. GusDeCooL says:

    I noticed this file is Invalid or Deleted File.
    can you please reupload it..

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