DOMINANCE- Captives on an Isolated Island entire volume in English

Just something that caught my eye while browsing the chan boards thought I’d translate at least part of it just for the hell of it the dialogue is kind of funny. This is by Miura Takehiro.

*updated 11/12/2008 now the entire thing is in English

I’ve uploaded the whole thing to mediafire.


9 Responses to DOMINANCE- Captives on an Isolated Island entire volume in English

  1. cadaver says:

    Hey Brolen, I understand this is the second volume of Dominance, are you going to translate the first?

  2. brolen says:

    So far there have been no requests to translate the first volume of Dominance and my plate is currently full so I have no plans to do so at the moment. I personally feel that the 2nd volume itself was pretty self contained.

  3. bakabaka says:

    brolen i love U & all Hentaier’s in the world luv U2 :D. thanks for translation dominance, & can you translate dominance vol1 (please accept my request)
    it is difficult to understand the whole story, if not read the story from the beginning..
    anyway thanks for your hardwork…

  4. snology says:

    request for Dominance vol. 1 please, thanks.

  5. SpardaX212 says:

    i too would like to request for Dominance vol. 1 to be translated. and i like what you have up already nice work. and thanks very much

  6. Tecnproy says:

    man…i love u!!!…T-T
    afters years of seeing volume 1 in raw…and then I find this precious little thing…

    Please, translate the first volume, i didn’t understand a crap of the raw T.T.
    And you have to admit the drawing is awesome

  7. itfod says:

    Please translate the first volume! This thing is magnificent, and it’s such a waste to not know where the storyline begins!

  8. 3333h says:

    OMG !!! This is one of my favourite h-manga ever…i beg you on kneel, please, translate first volume too^^

  9. I loved this one, woody was so god in it

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